We Surge Forward in Audacious Faith.

We believe God for the impossible; we set goals that are not attainable without divine intervention, take bold steps, and watch God move.

We are on a Mission.

We exist to share the Gospel and see lives changed by meeting needs through practical ministry.

We Live a Lifestyle of Honor.

We learn from those around us, esteem those above us, see no one as below us, unite with those beside us.

We Run with United Vision.

We will continually increase our capacity by planning for where we want to go, not where we are. We will ride the waves of momentum the Spirit of God sends.

We Advance with Excellence.

God is worthy of our best so we go above and beyond to bring Glory to His Name.

We are a Team.

We do life together. As we work side by side, we share in the joy of seeing our unique gifts, abilities, and strengths unite to bring God’s kingdom to the world.

We Promote Diversity.

As a people of all cultures, races and ages we intentionally stand together for one cause; Jesus Christ.

We Lead the Way in Generosity.

Our giving is not limited. We go the extra mile.

We will NOT Take this for Granted.

Sharing the Gospel is the highest calling one can have and we will remain grateful for God’s Hand of Favor on this Ministry.