The Surge is a group of people who live in Christian Community with one another. They move just like a wave: they lift people up, push them forward, and withdraw.  I was blessed with the opportunity to experience life along with The Surge for nearly a year, and my life was impacted in every way.

Lift People Up

When I met Peta~Gaye, and her daughter, Victoria, I had been a Christian for all of 2 months.  I remember playing guitar along with them, and worshipping.  I played one of my songs for them, and they told me that I had talent, but I was wasting it based on my subject material.  I remember feeling shaken, and convicted all at the same time.  I’d never met anyone so genuine in my whole life.  Somehow, despite the criticism, I felt like there was truth behind what was being said.  Over the next serveral months, Peta~Gaye became a spiritual mother to me.  I would go upstairs to sit, and we would talk for hours, but, mostly, I listened.  Gradually, I learned how to live out my faith.  I paid attention to the example that the members of The Surge gave me.  I spent hours talking about the Holy Spirit with Susan, but the power of the Spirit was more easily seen when she would serve everyone selflessly.

Push People Forward

As I grew in my faith, I gained wisdom and understanding.  Gradually, I found myself spending less time at the Surge’s house being ministered to, and more time going out into the world so I could minister to others.  The Surge supported me as I learned from my time at 2xSalt during Urban Life, and celebrated with me when I was hired by 2xSalt ministries.  I learned from them how important it is to celebrate the achievements of our brothers and sisters in Christ, because their achievements are the manifestation of what God is doing in the world.  I will always remember how excited The Surge is to hear about what God is doing through the people they know.  In fact, a large part of the ministry I will be doing at 2xSalt involves giving volunteers a platform to have their own ministry: empowering them to empower the kids we work with.


Alas, God  called the Surge away from Charlotte for the next season of their lives.  I admire the way Peta~Gaye, Susan, Laura, Matthew Tyler, Victoria, and especially Julia have handled the transition.  The Surge’s willingness to do whatever God wants has been incredibly impactful in my life.  I will remember their example when following God’s call becomes difficult.

Having lived in the same building as the Surge for a whole year, and getting to experience life with them, I could never write down all that they mean to me in words.  I pray every day that they will grow in wisdom and understanding, and that God will bless them in everything they do.