On Wednesday, March 6, 2013, I was asked to attend a unique worship experience in Uptown Charlotte by my boyfriend, Alexander.  At first I anticipated this would be a typical small group Bible study, however, what I witnessed exceeded my expectations on a magnificent level!! The Surge is a group of people who seek to encourage, equip, teach, PRAY and glorify God in every aspect of their lives. Love becomes a verb in this ministry!! That night was the first time I felt the Holy Spirit move in a powerful way; lives were changing, healing was present, and I witnessed a deep surrender in the group. The worship moved me to tears as I saw people of all ethnicities and ages raise their hands for the Love of Jesus. As a new resident in Charlotte, I instantly knew God was connecting me with a powerful community where He was moving. Every Wednesday, Susan graciously prepares a meal for all the guests; her humble heart inspires me!! Julia shares Scripture passionately. Laura is very talented and takes time to produce a worship experience we won’t forget.  Victoria leads us into His presence through her gift of worship.  Psalms 98:4 says, ‘Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!’ Then there is the warrior, Peta~Gaye, her spirit shines when she begins to teach the Word.  You feel the love pouring out from her fingertips into each and every particle of the room.  This was the closest encounter I had experienced since the worship I saw on a mission trip to Honduras. The people of Taulabe rejoice, weep, and collapse in the presence of God.  Each heart is so set on Jesus everything else fades away in their time with Him.  The same thing happens on Wednesday nights at Prayer n Praise.

The moment we finished that evening no one moved… It was like everyone wanted time to stand still!! This devotion to the presence of God glorifies Him on so many levels; it is an honor to see a faith that ignites passion.  I made a decision to attend every Wednesday from then on and have tried to honor that commitment.  This time has impacted me on so many levels including allowing the Lord to lead me to a place of surrender, personal forgiveness, fellowship, accountability, leadership, knowledge, wisdom, and PURITY found in Him. God is using this season to teach me how to humbly stand before Him while I commit to love Him with my whole heart through serving Him in obedience and honor.  I believe God is using this season to train and equip me to go to the Nations and make disciples. God is doing a great work in this ministry and I can’t wait to see what HE does next!