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by Victoria Edwards

Many believers start their year off by doing a Fast as a way to dedicate their year to The Lord. It’s a way to say, “God. Here is my year. Do with it what you will; I give it to You!” If you are one of those people in the midst of deciding what kind […]

LOVE Came Down

by Victoria Edwards

“Christmas is when people say nice things to you who otherwise don’t even know you’re alive.” -Charlie Brown Christmas is a time for giving…gifts in particular. Boxes are tied with bows in the most beautiful shades of red, green and gold. People pass out chocolates and candy canes to those they may never have met […]

The Story of the Christmas Tree

by Victoria Edwards

The Christmas Tree has a beautifully symbolic history to us as believers and it all started with the first recorded mention of fir trees used in Christmas Celebrations in 12th century Germany. A fir tree was utilized in mystery plays and was often referred to as a “paradise” tree. These dramas would be held outside […]

The Story of the Poinsettia

by The_SURGE

The plant we know today as the poinsettia has a long and interesting history. Native to Central America, the plant flourished in an area of Southern Mexico known as Taxco del Alarcon. The Aztecs used the plant for decorative purposes but also put the plant to practical use. They extracted a purplish dye for use […]

The Story of the Candy Cane

by Julia Levi

Did you know that there is more meaning to the Candy Cane than just a yummy Christmas treat? Many years ago in Europe, people began to use Candy Canes as a way to tell the Christmas story in a way that was fun and exciting for children.  You see, the candy cane is made from […]