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by The_SURGE

by Jayde Bourne In designing my tattoo I wanted to illustrate the idea of one act leading to many, so I left the ‘O’ in ‘One’ open to show that it is never closed & finished. Jesus’ one act of obedience on the cross is still making many righteous. One thing most of my friends […]

36.5 Initiative Praise Report!

by Victoria Edwards

Our 36.5 Initiative brought about such life transformation for those who participated. Some were delivered from pornography, others from spirits of fear, legalism, and pride. A few were Baptized in the Holy Spirit and even more have become open to seek the Lord as to what that truly means. The Surge acquired a new Outreach […]

Dating…Courting…What’s The Difference? (Part 2: Courting)

by Victoria Edwards

When someone is said to be ‘Courting’ and not Dating a person of the opposite sex, it simply means they have chosen to go mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially beyond friendship with the other person. They admire the other person and want a deeper understanding of that person’s personality, values, family, and friendships while maintaining […]